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BLS provider course (BLS) from Heart and Stroke Foundation

The new 2020 guideline BLS provider course is a much awaited healthcare professional’s course with latest science in resuscitation and advanced training with feedback enabled manikins. At Beats and Breaths Academy Ltd., we offer the BLS provider course in-person traditional classroom and Blended options for those who would benefit from the online classroom and in-person skills.


What is BLS provider course?

BLS or otherwise known as Basic Life Support course is an essential course offered by Heart and Stroke Foundation which provides knowledge and practical skills to save life when someone is in cardiac arrest. Basic Life Support Course is a foundational skill to utilize in hospital settings and out of hospital settings.

“Basic Life Support Course (BLS) is the foundational course for healthcare professionals and trained first responders who provide care to patients in a wide variety of in-facility and prehospital settings. BLS is the cornerstone program for healthcare professionals” (Heart and Stroke foundation)

CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation saves lives in all age groups and the Basic Life Support Course in Edmonton gives an individual the confidence to perform high quality compression, integrate ventilation, and early defibrillation using an AED to respond and act quickly.


Who must take the BLS provider course?

Basic Life Support (BLS) course, previously known as BLS for HCP Level -C, is a mandatory course for healthcare professionals in all levels in Alberta. It is also a requirement for Dental clinic staff and all other medical clinics with annual recertification. We see an increased number of participants from law enforcement (Police and RCMP) and Firefighters take the BLS provider course as they play a crucial role as a first responder in our community.

Beats and Breaths Academy Ltd. committed to provide the quality training as per the latest guideline set by Heart and Stroke foundation. Our experienced instructors deliver courses at our location and we also go to clinic locations to provide annual recertification.


BLS provider during Pandemic:

Since the beginning of the pandemic Basic Life Support (BLS) Course Edmonton delivery methods have changed to ensure the safety and well-being of students and instructors participating in the course. Here at Beats and Breaths Academy Ltd. we have strived to ensure the health and safety of our participants while making sure participants also have the opportunity to collaborate with other participants in class on team-based scenarios.


How do we keep everyone safe?

It is important that participants feel comfortable and safe when they attend BLS provider training. Instructors at Beats and Breaths Academy ltd. are fully vaccinated and require all attending participants to show the proof of vaccination (QR code) for all in-person classes. Continuous masking is mandatory at all times during the class and 2 meters distancing is required when possible as per the public health and safety guidelines.

Currently, we are offering both the in-person and blended courses - where participants can watch training videos and write exam from home and attend in-person training to fulfill skills requirements for the course. Participants are providing a positive feed-back for the way our class-room has been organized. While maintaining social distancing in the classroom, each participant is able to comfortably practice chest compressions on their audio and visual feed-back device equipped with manikin and ventilation using the bag valve mask.

Beats and Breaths Academy Ltd. is equipped with manikins and materials to provide individual practice materials to mitigate the transmission of any infectious microorganism. Manikins, practice materials and areas are disinfected after each use as per the cleaning guideline.


How do we perform the team dynamics exercise?

To safely perform team dynamics exercises in class participants are provided with hand-sanitizer and gloves - which allows participants to safely share provided AED, manikin(s), and Bag Valve Mask. Team dynamics is facilitated as a coordinated effort from their own given space.

We use a feedback device to monitor the CCF fraction and it has been a great tool for our students to know how well they are practicing with minimum interruption to compression during team dynamic exercise.

Beats and Breaths Academy Ltd. is proud to offer the classes safely and maintain the integrity of the course by training to its full potential. Choose Beats and Breaths Academy Ltd. for the BLS Provider in Edmonton and you will have the Best experience and we are committed to provide the Best learning environment.


Empower Knowledge and Skills with Beats and Breaths Academy Ltd.


Blog by Chintan Tailor (BLS Instructor)




Delivery method


Valid for


BLS provider

Full course


3-4 hours

1 year


BLS renewal



2:15 hours

1 year

Current BLS certification or BLS renewal challenge exam.

BLS blinded

Full course

Online + in-person

2 hours online and 2 hours in person

1 Year


BLS bended renewal


Online + in-person

2 hours online and 2 hours in person

1 Year

Current BLS certification

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