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Mental Health First Aid for Adults who Interact with Youth

Mental Health Commission of Canada Certification


Course Outline;

Mental Health First Aid for Adults who Interact with Youth teaches adults how to support youth (ages 14 – 25) who are experiencing mental health problems. This 2-day course is highly recommended for parents, teachers, support workers, educational assistants, coaches, health professionals, etc. Upon completion, participants will have a deeper understanding of mental health disorders and be able to engage confidently with youth experiencing a mental health crisis.


Course designed for:

Anyone who interacts with youth (age 14 – 25) in their personal or professional lives. 

  • Highly recommended for parents

  • Teachers

  • Disability support workers

  • Educational assistants

  • Sports coaches

  • Health professionals, etc.


- Certified through Mental Health Commission of Canada

- Course does not expire.

- It is recommended to retake the course every 2 – 3 years, since course content is updated regularly to reflect current best practices and research.


Length of Course:

- 14 hours (taught over 2 full days or 4 half days)


Contents of Course

- 5 Basic Actions of Mental Health First Aid

- Substance-Use Disorders

- Crisis First Aid for an Overdose

- Mood-Related Disorders (including Depression and Bipolar Disorders)

- Crisis First Aid for Suicidal Behaviour

- Crisis First Aid for Deliberate Self-Injury*

- Anxiety and Trauma-Related Disorders

- Crisis First Aid for a Panic Attack

- Crisis First Aid for an Acute Stress Reaction

- Feeding and Eating Disorders*

- Crisis First Aid for a Psychotic Episode

(*=content not included in Basic MHFA course; only taught in MHFA for Adults who Interact with Youth)


Minimum participants required - 8 students

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